Hygienist and Air Abrasion

Dental hygiene is the cornerstone of good oral health and we actively encourage our patients to make use of our dental hygienists. Seeing a dental hygienist on a regular basis will not only reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, it will also ensure that your teeth look radiant and clean.

The hygienist’s main role is to professionally clean the teeth for the patient. This is usually called scaling and polishing. They also give advice on diet and preventing dental decay. The hygienist will work with your dentist to provide care tailored to your needs.We firmly believe that prevention is always better than cure, and regular hygiene visits are an essential part of this preventative approach.

Hygienist Appointment

Each appointment lasts 30 minutes and is specifically tailored to your oral health needs involving:

  • Discussion about your symptoms
  • A basic periodontal examination
  • Scale and polish of your teeth
  • Advice about teeth cleaning and choosing oral hygiene products
  • Advice about diet and nutrition
  • Advice on giving up smoking when applicable

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a drill free technique which can be performed by your hygienist. It works through a combination of air, sodium bi-carbonate and a jet of water to remove staining caused through everyday wear and tear such as tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. It produces great results without any risks of damaging your teeth, it will significantly improve tooth staining, leaving your mouth clean and fresh after treatment.


  • Hygienist appointment - £45
  • Air abrasion treatment - £40
  • Hygienist appointment with air abrasion - £70