Cosmetic Bridges

A dental bridge is a form of tooth restoration employed to replace any gaps left by missing teeth. They are made from a false tooth, known as a pontic, and crowns that are bonded to adjacent teeth.

Unlike NHS bridges which contain metal, cosmetic bridges contain no metal and hence give a more natural appearance. Light passes through ceramic bridges in the same way it does a natural tooth whereas a bridge containing metal will always appear dull and unnatural in comparison.

Several types of cosmetic bridge materials are available, and the choice between them is a personal one. Our dental team will help you select the most appropriate type of cosmetic bridge to help you achieve that smile you always dreamed of.

cosmetic bridges Lava 3M 4 unit anterior bridge

Lava 3M 4 unit anterior bridge


  • Empress - £475 per bridge unit
  • E-Max - £475 per bridge unit
  • Lava - £475 per bridge unit
  • Procera - £475 per bridge unit